EyeLinkユーザ様へ データ記録中の眼球映像の拡大化について




## recmode_image_enable =

;; Sets whether to show a larger camera image on the record screen.

;; This will interfere with gaze cursors and cover part of the

;; reference background graphics, and might slow command execution.

;; NOTE: this must be set BEFORE starting record mode and has no

;; effect while sent within record mode.

recmode_image_enable = ON

## recmode_image_position =

;; Sets position of the top-left of the image on the display.

;; The default is (234, 10) which places the image at the top-center

;; of the display. Middle would be (234, 170).

recmode_image_position = 234, 10

## recmode_image_realtime_xhairs =

;; The crosshairs on the image can be drawn synchronously with image

;; refreshes (OFF) or with sample data (ON). When OFF, the image and

;; crosshairs will be drawn 10 times per second and the crosshairs

;; will be indicate data on the displayed camera image.

;; When ON, crosshairs will be updated continuously to better show

;; noise but will always lead the image and thus will not appear in

;; the correct position on the pupil and CR unless the eye is stationary.

recmode_image_realtime_xhairs = ON